My Zone of Genius is Helping You Thrive in Yours

Are you seeking clarity for your own vision? Looking for the best life possible?

It’s never too late to make small positive changes in your life that will make a big difference in your health and vitality.

As your personal integrative coach, I will be your educator, motivator, and confidante. Together, we will explore what you are currently experiencing and what mental and physical behavioral adjustments are needed to attain the balance and vigor you desire.

All changes begin from the inside out. I am committed to finding the roots of your symptoms and working on these underlying causes. After a careful personal assessment, we will collaborate on finding a complete and sustainable strategy. Together, we will define the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your highest wellness goals. We will determine a customized coaching plan to transform your current life, so you can experience a brand new sense of confidence and self-esteem.

With the extensive training and knowledge that I have gained, I create a space to tap into your creative energy, empowered emotions and clear mindset to optimize your overall health and wellness so that you can do your best and important work in the world.

6-Month Transformational Mastery Coaching Program

This is the program for high-performing professionals and entrepreneurs who want to take it to the next level. We begin with a seven to eight hour breakthrough session where we dig up the deeper issues - the greater problem, using the research techniques of Mental & Emotional Release (MER) TM to get rid of all the baggage - anger, fear, sadness, hurt, and guilt.

We hone in on your values, your deepest-level programming and align it with your goals so that by the end of our first session, you’re free of baggage, and super-charged with a clear mindset. Together, we will dial in on a nutritional program that is customized to fit into the your personal lifestyle. The program continues using cutting edge techniques of integrative coaching, accountability and actionable steps to get you back into your zone of genius!

I'm Ready To Make Lasting Changes

Wellness at Work

Office wellness programs have been shown to increase morale, reduce sick days, and accelerate productivity. Now that the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) has been implemented, promoting healthy living habits in your workplace is both proactive and trendy. Melanie B Coaching offers several programming options. Whether is be an informative Lunch ‘N Learn workshop or a yoga and meditation session, a healthier workforce can have a direct and positive impact on the company’s insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims. Contact Melanie for a customized wellness program to foster your best workplace environment.