Board Certified Integrative Mindset & Wellness Coach, AIP
Certified Master Practitioner of MER®, NLP and Hypnosis
Registered Meditation & Yoga Teacher, E-RYT500

Looking back at my own path toward a life full of renewed vitality and vigor, I remember a point of total burn-out several years ago. Each day began with intentions of finding a way to eat right, exercise and get a good night’s sleep – it didn’t take long to feel my intentions were being totally derailed.

The juggling act of being a trader keeping tabs on a global financial market, a mother of three, and navigating a marriage that clearly had fallen to the bottom of the priority list was an act that was about to fall apart. The refuge seemed to be a cigarette and a glass of wine at the end of an exhausting day. Despite my desire to solely focus on achieving a hefty bonus check, I was alarmed by reports from my doctor about a less than healthy body. I had to stop and pay attention to the symptoms I had been ignoring for years.

The last thing I needed was yet another task added to my already lengthy list of priorities. But nagging brain fog, insomnia, lack of energy, and digestive issues made making lifestyle changes a top priority. I had always prioritized exercise, which included taking hot yoga classes. However, I totally ignored the mental benefits a broader yoga practice could provide. My doctor encouraged me to delve deeper into the practice of yoga. As I began to notice that I was sleeping better, had fewer mood swings, and actually felt like I could breathe, I became passionate about learning other healthy tools and techniques to continue this re-energized state of being.

I’ve been in corporate America, and I loved the ebb and flow of financial markets, constantly keeping up with the latest happenings of the world. I’ve also suffered from the consequences of ignoring life outside of a career. It wasn’t until I found a work/life balance that my life regained its vitality and vigor. I now utilize my passion to design customized, strategic wellness plans for high-performing working professionals and entrepreneurs who are stuck in a rut, struggling with dwindling focus, drained energy, and a diminished sense of contentment in their career and life.

My zone of genius is to help you thrive in yours.

It’s time to get back on track!

"My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and to do so with some passion, compassion, some humor and some style.”

~Mayou Angelou